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We creatively co-create a customized strategy to bridge the gap between 'what you want' and eliminate the internal and external blocks that hold you back and limit 'what you are experiencing.'

Are you or your organization feeling “stuck” with lack of energy and engagement?

Looking for an energetic facilitator/coach and/or speaker who will generate a “shot in the arm” to jump start ANY group/individual into SUCCESSFUL ACTION!?

Diane Seader has a passionate desire to share her high energy, humor, innovative creativity and keen ability to empower a full range of “energy drained” individuals in service-centered organizations to understand how to uncover and effectively use their natural talents without lethargy, anger or frustration. 

She designs and facilitates energetic and inspiring profit-generating leadership training/coaching programs for service – centered individuals/organizations. She enjoys creating interactive in-depth workshops and exercises that elevate the level of focus and creativity within individuals to spark positive “shifts” of energy and levels of contribution and achievement within the organization.

Diane inspires expansive personal transformation. Clients learn how to employ the most empowering and effective skills, principles, and approaches to develop extraordinary lives and careers. Everything that her clients learn is applicable to their everyday life at work and at home.

By working with Diane, truly great “leaders” – people who prefer to THRIVE at the “cause” of their life - NOT to “merely survive” it- will be developed by discovering how to utilize their unique skills and talents. Imagine this….

  • Completely “engaging at work… and home

  • Experience greater fulfillment in how you feel about yourself and how others engage with you

  • Express your full potential- Discover how to remove your limiting beliefs about yourself or others

  • Get more done with less stress on yourself and others

  • Have more successful “influencing conversations” … not “battles” with others

Delivering Customer Service "WOW Factor", Influencing Others with Integrity & Passion, Transforming Relationships, Lighting Up Your True Meaningful Life Purpose.
Increasing Levels of Successful Engagement at Work & Home, Inspiring Leadership, Building True Teams and “Partnerships”