Leadership Training
What is special about the role of “leader?” It is the ability to influence and inspire others to reach their greatness.

Leadership Training​

What is special about the role of “leader?” It is the ability to influence and inspire others to reach their greatness. Leaders empower people to meet shared goals through influence, direction and inspiration. Diane delivers leadership training to the new manager as well as those being promoted to higher levels in the organization. Masterful Leadership is not inborn. It is learned best through, as Ken Blanchard states, "a mindful, servant leadership lens." The process involves increasing self-awareness and self-management, and awareness of and responsiveness to others.  Leadership training is an essential part of development that polishes the skills of influence, strategic thinking, optimizing employee performance, and building collaborative and satisfying relationships. Diane’s goal in Leadership Training is to impart the privileged opportunity individuals have to help transform the lives of those entrusted to them. The more positive impact a leader can have on the professional development of others, the more those people will be inspired to improve the lives of their work teams, families and communities. It is her privilege to empower leadership to honor that over-arching role.

Diane thrives in collaborating with others to co-create personalized needs assessments and customized programs and in bringing facilitation “magic” to your content!​

Specific Programs Include:
How To Take Your Company From Functional To Exceptional

  • Developing  Self-Leadership 
    • Mastering Exceptional Leadership Competencies
    • Gaining ROI From Emotional Intelligence Competencies
  • Empowering Employee Excellence 
    • Master 7 Coaching Skills to Empower Others
    • How to Be Your Boss’s “Partner”…Not Just an “Assistant”
  • Building An Enduring Culture Of Excellence 
    • Building An Onboading Process That Reflect a Winning Culture
    • How to Go From Buddy to Boss
  • Presenting With Panache
    • How You Can Improve Your Delivery To Make a Meaningful impact On Your Audience

Communications Skills Training
Excellent communication is the key to leading others to achieve organizational goals, and communication encompasses far more than just words. Listening, observing, words, tone, gesture and body language all affect the effectiveness of your communications. By developing emotional intelligence and helpful energy shifts, Diane helps people at all levels to improve their communication skills enabling them to strengthen their relationships, develop their careers and expand their influence to create successful, resilient organizations and lives.

  • Listening to Really Understand
  • “Feeding” Back To Others
  • Cleverly Craft Crucial Conversations
  • Presenting With Panache- Skills For Professionals

Team Building
Collaborative work does not magically appear!  It takes skill, desire, intentional practice and a healthy dose of clear two-way communication and conflict management.  Diane trains teams- work units, Board members, family members- to learn and develop their skills and practice trust, communication and problem solving followed which can be effectively supported with individual and/or small group coaching. Team building is custom designed to meet the needs of the organization. Diane utilizes the full platform of Wiley Products to support masterful teamwork.

Customer Service
No matter what you do, your strong customer base will determine your success and resilience. Diane will share basic tolls for making and keeping a positive impression on your customer through case studies, role play and coaching techniques.

  • What it Takes to Make a WOW Experience
  • How to Maintain Your Cool When Things Get “Hot”
  • How To Pick Up “Clues” As to What Your Customer Really Wants