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An extraordinary and unique relationship designed to create a significant impact and sustainable results in all areas of a person’s life.
What is Coaching?

Ask yourself now… If you could change anything at all in your life, what would it be?

If you are ready to generate strategies and options, address obstacles,

and take bold action- reach out now!

Coaching may be arranged to meet your needs- in person, over the phone…

weekly or monthly.

To learn more about how we might work together to increase your personal effectiveness or your organizational results contact me for a FREE consultation. CLICK TO Request a Consultation

Diane is certified to use the Core Energy Coaching technique. It is a process by which she helps bring out the absolute best in her clients - be it a person, couple, family or corporation. This process is done by connecting one’s inner purpose and passion to outer goals and tasks to bring about extraordinary, lasting results. Diane will challenge your limiting beliefs and assumptions and with creativity and persistence, guide and masterfully inspire you to your successful “best” expression of “you” in your professional and personal life.

Leadership coaching begins with goal setting. Goals are refined through the use of several possible assessments to raise self-awareness. These may include clients’ strengths and weaknesses and/or Values Assessment, Wiley Personality Style and 363 Assessments.

After the assessment process we co-create a development plan where I will gently yet firmly hold you accountable for creating an action plan that we can benchmark to measure progress. The next few months of business coaching are devoted to implementing the plan by generating strategies and options, addressing obstacles, and taking bold action.

Goals are achieved through client commitment with the support and accountability of the business coaching process.

Life Coaching begins with goal setting. We will dig into what is “working”- what is not for you. Your “why” this is important to you is of utmost importance. I will guide you through the internal barriers that create your limited beliefs… such as the “I am not good enough” self-talk. We will release and re-direct barriers that feed the destructive energy of “I tired of this! I am not gonna take this anymore!” self-talk. Finally, you can have someone to be non-judgmental and yet persistent and inspiring to help you redirect toxic energy into energy that sees and acts on positive opportunities.

You decide what goals you want to reach.

As your coach, I am devoted to helping you implement plans that will help you truly live at the “cause” of your life…not the “effect.” What is it currently “costing you” not to start making changes and embracing your “better than” right now?!