Coaching Testimonials

Diane is a natural born coach! I was so lucky to have her coach me on a new career endeavor.  Because this career is so different for me, I was concerned that I may not be successful in my efforts. Diane helped me to look at my situation from different perspectives, create achievable goals and envision my new career. She helped me to remember past successful experiences to help me move forward.  Her amazing enthusiasm inspired me and helped me to believe that I could do whatever I set my mind to. She is a dynamo…a real find!

- Kathleen Giardelli

I met Diane for the first time when my employer organized a workshop with her to help improve interpersonal interactions at our workplace.  … I wondered if it would help with my marriage.  At that time my wife and I were struggling with a lot of different things.    We were unsupportive of each other, we were not communicating well and we were not living well together. Our sessions with Diane created the path to get our marriage back on track and become better people. We were able to recognize our actions that brought negative energy into our relationship and learned techniques to create new more productive habits which strengthened our bond with each other. We would not be in this better place if not for Diane and what she taught us. We cannot thank Diane enough for the dedication and attention she gave to us.

Most Sincerely,

- Todd and Marisa 

Thank you!!   Thank you!!  Thank you, Diane!!!

Our conversations have set the tone for new beginnings for me and I truly appreciate it!
I am ready and nimble to let me magic take over!!  I am ready to unleash and to learn how to do so!!!
Since our coaching together, I am more aware how I respond to my environments and it is interesting to “see” the triggers and how I am now able to re-direct my energy. 

- Y.A., Associate VP, Non-Profit Organization

Diane is a person who is committed to excellence in any task she takes on. She has a natural ability to support you and your needs, be they personal or professional. She is solutions-oriented and very focused and detailed. If she sets out to be your coach, you will definitely come out all the better for having had her on your side.

- Cheryl Balas, Executive Assistant at Delaware Investments, a member of the Macquarie Group

During the 20 years that I've known Diane, I’ve always been amazed by her level of energy and enthusiasm for everything she gets involved with. She is an honest and caring individual with a passion for quality of life and has a natural ability to motivate people. I highly recommend Diane as a successful solutions coach.

- Linda Taaffe, Consultant at Core Consulting

I was stuck and could not get out of my own way until you helped me to solidify my course of action. I believe the time we spent together will definitely help me in the future. Many thanks for your tutelage and expertise. I am so grateful! JMH

You are such a pro and what comes so effortlessly to you was really a stumbling block for us that we could not work through.

The way you broke down the components and navigated us down the path to be inclusive is a clear illustration of why you are so effective in your role. I am always in awe of your energy and ability to connect with your audience.

- Jean H., Senior VP

Workshop Testimonials

Diane, as we are now wrapping up the program, I wanted to be sure to send you a note to give you a huge THANK YOU for the great job you did. We have received wonderful feedback and as always, your facilitation was called out as a major positive. Thank you for all you did to make this program a big success and all you continue to do for us to make a difference for our associates and leaders.

- Senior VP L&D

I am so grateful to Diane Seader. Her workshop was not only fun and creative but incredibly practical and helped in many areas but especially with our team building. Diane's positive and high energy was enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. She created a safe and trusting environment, allowing everyone to feel comfortable in participating. 

The working atmosphere today has dramatically improved with better collaboration and communication within the practice. Looking back I would have never thought that a one day workshop could deliver such long lasting and productive results.

- Suzanne Koller, Office Manager of Carver Street Animal Hospital

Leadership Workshop Manager- Supervisor and Director Participant’s Survey Testimonials

I got so much information out of yesterday’s session with Diane.  Being with the company for just about a year, I have learned so much from the leadership team here.  One of the reasons I left my last employer of 8 years to come here    was what I saw and heard on my interview about the core values, employee recognition along with leading by example and doing the right thing.  It is great to work for a company that has the same values that I try to live by.

The meeting Diane facilitated was not only informative but interactive, which kept everyone’s interest.  Thank you and the team for hosting and inviting me to participate in Diane’s session.

- Scott, [new] Supervisor

Diane was great. I really did not want to take time away from my work to go to this training but I’m so glad I did.

- D. B, Research

I really enjoyed Diane’s training this morning. When we have “challenging days”, it will serve as a reminder/point of reference to help us navigate through them and keep forging ahead on the “high road.”

- C. B, Operations

Diane is a vibrant facilitator.

I admire Diane's enthusiasm, ability to make others feel at ease and her ability to laugh at her own foibles. She is entertaining while being a motivational communicator.

She was a great facilitator. She is energetic, very engaging. The day flew by.

She really has a true talent in leading these sessions. Excellent in getting the group engaged which we know is not always easy.

Diane is the best!!! She gets the entire room engaged in the scope of the material she is presenting. We are very fortunate to have such a committed person to help facilitate these learning sessions.

I have always enjoyed the classes given by Diane. She is well spoken and is able to engage everyone so they fully participate in all discussions.

She did a great job at keeping us engaged and energized and challenged us to think about how we currently are as leaders and how we can improve.

Diane is amazing and maintains such an incredible level of excitement and enthusiasm throughout the entire time.     

She is really smart and understands her topics, and is a lovely person. 

Diane is the best! Her energy is contagious!

Webinar Management Level Participants Survey Testimonials

She is very motivational!

She is a great facilitator and those ah-ha moments are really there.

Diane is very engaging and fantastic at to always keep my interest

She was truly up beat which kept me captivated.

Loved Diane's energy! She was very engaging and motivating!

Diane is one of the best I've heard.


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"Diane is the best. Her energy is contagious"